Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Some USC professors and students are working together to uncover some little known history about the Horseshoe.

"How do you make visible those who were never seen," said Dr. Heidi Rae Cooley.

Some USC professors are trying to do just that. "Ghosts of the Horseshoe" is a mobile app developed by students and professors Dr. Heidi Rae Cooley, Dr. Duncan Buell and Dr. Robert Weyneth.

And it's making the untold stories of slaves who constructed almost every building on the Horseshoe to life.

"Slavery participated and forms the campus, even the campus we have today," Cooley said. "So what you see around here was built by enslaved labor."

The collaboration between the three professors has been ongoing since 2009. And the app for iPhone and iPad is nearing completion to roll out to the public.

"If you get near that location, the GPS is sensed and you are invited to interact with the content that is the backend of the application," Buell said.

The app will feature 3D recreations of certain buildings. And even story telling. And while the main focus is on the buildings, it's what surrounds those buildings that's actually wasting away.

"People think of it just as a fence people don't realize that this really is a historic object," Buell said.

"We often find banners screwed into the structure," Cooley said.

The wall used to be almost seven feet tall, but over the years it's gotten shorter and shorter. Someone even ran into it last year.

But the developers of the app hope to bring an awareness of what many residents see as just a part of campus.

"Hopefully inspire them to take responsibility for a history that we all are a part of," Cooley said.

Visit if you would like to play a demo of the application on your computer.