Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The pain of losing a child is one that's deeper than many people can understand, especially one whose life ended tragically at the hands of another. That's why the Parents of Murdered Children held a day of remembrance at the state house on Saturday.

People from all over the country are invited to remember their loved ones and feel support from others who've gone through the same situation.

"I lost my daughter in domestic violence, her husband shot her in my backyard 17 years ago," said Cora Joyner, one of the founders of the Columbia chapter of Parents of Murdered Children. "This group was created by Marvin Bryant and myself, and it helps us deal with the situation were going through. All of us have lost someone, it's not just murder, but someone who lost a child tragically. That's why this group comes together, to give each and everyone strength, and we pray that anyone can go through this and make it with all the help we have in our group."

The Parents of Murdered Children organization meets at the United Methodist Church on the corner of Bull St. and Washington St. every third Tuesday of the month.