Cayce, SC (WLTX) - The Lexington School District Two board meeting was packed Thursday night with parents and former and current students wanting to know why Brookland-Cayce high school's soccer coach hasn't been at school.

"I know him, I know what he stands for, and because of that, I think I need to be there to stand for him," said Lynn Summer, a teacher at Brookland-Cayce.

By "him," Summer means Kevin Heise. Heise is the varsity head soccer coach and teacher at Brookland-Cayce High school. However,, a website that says it's maintained by Coach Heise, lists him as being on administrative leave.

That is why the Lexington School District Two's board meeting was so full, the crowd poured into the lobby.

"We're all here to support coach Kevin Heise," said Vivi Lee, a former player of Heise.

Alex Koutrakos, another former player, says there are mostly rumors on the coach's absence.

"It's one of those situations where I look at it and go, wait," Koutrakos said, "they're asking him to quit or they're going to fire him and the punishment doesn't really fit the crime."

News 19 asked the district about Heise's status, their lawyer responded and said it is against school district policy to comment on personnel issues.

School board members did not mention Heise or his status during the meeting.

"We feel like Lexington Two would be making a big sacrifice by removing him from the staff," Koutrakos said.

"The people that are here are only a fraction of what you see on online petitions," Lee said.

One online petition targeted at the Lexington Two school board to keep Coach Heise has over 1,500 supporters.

Although they didn't get any answers tonight, supporters say they hope the board got the message.

"I just hope they show this district that there's a lot of support and that people do care," Summer said.