Forest Acres, SC (WLTX) -- Parking has been the talk of the Midlands the last few days, and it's made its way to Forest Acres.

The town council held a meeting Tuesday night because some people are having an issue with where business owners park their vehicles.

"We don't mind having them as neighbors for sure, but we don't want all this equipment," Jim Testor said. He has been living in Forest Acres for 30 years.

Testor said having equipment left out on the front lawns of homes damages the property, takes away the character from the neighborhood and takes a toll on his land's value.

"You know how many times I've called. You know how many times I've sent e-mails. You know how many times I've begged, pled, carried on. Two years we've been going through this," Testor said.

Jack Oliver, president of the Forest Acres Restaurant and Merchants Association, said he understands each perspective.

"Our council is trying to come up with a resolution that is fair to everybody - to both businesses and residents - and I'm sure we'll all come down to a compromise," Oliver said.

He said he gets why business owners may leave commercial vehicles in the area.

"You want to get loaded up the night before and leave out in the morning," he said at the meeting.

There was no vote on the issue, but council is looking to change the ordinance to help both sides of the situation.

"People like us, who are retired, this house is out biggest investment. We just can't afford to have it taken down like this. We're not trying to put anyone out of business. We want everyone's business to be successful, but not at our expense," Testor said.

The business owners who attended Tuesday's meeting did not want to speak on the issue at this time but did say off-camera they want to see a peaceful resolution.

The town plans on having a formal public meeting soon to discuss the ordinance and the changes they plan on making to make sure everyone has a say in the matter.