Gilbert, SC (WLTX) - The Lexington County Peach Festival managed to have plenty of the local fruit for the event despite weather trouble for the crop earlier this year.

It's a tradition that's been going on in Gilbert for nearly 60 years. It's held on July 4th every year and six year-old Brooke Swinson can't get enough of it.

"I just love the peach festival! The peach festival is amazing," said Swinson. "My favorite is the peach ice cream."

Many folks were worried about this year's peach festival because of the cold weather we had in the winter. A freeze destroyed nearly ninety percent of the staple crop here in the state of South Carolina.

George Case, who's originally from California, is planning on moving here to the Palmetto State for good. He's always heard about South Carolina peaches but the weather put a damper on things.

"The winter storm earlier in the year really messed up the crops. I was looking forward to going to the peach farms and picking some stuff," said Case.

Not having that fruit could hurt a lot of the reasons why people come to the festival but Allison Harman wanted to keep things local like it's always been, just the way her great grandmother who started the festival 59 years ago would have wanted it.

"She wanted to have a peach festival on July 4th to dedicate the day to the queen of all fruits, the peach. Those are her words, not mine," laughed Harman. "We start planning this months in advance but it always brings someone together."

The community came together to combine efforts and peaches for the festival. Many of the vendors went to farms around the area like Wastonia to supply what they needed.

Harman says all that matters is keeping families and local peaches together.

"It's really a community affair. It brings everyone together. No one in my family knows anything but the peach festival on the fourth," said Harman.

As long as it's locally grown, that's all anyone at the festival needs to know.