Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A group of people from a variety of faiths put their differences aside and gathered together at the Statehouse for a healing ceremony on Sunday.

"Last year, I think like a lot of people, we were so burned out," Holli Emore, the Priest for Temple Osireion said.

When tragedy strikes, people find ways to cope. Emore says lately, there's been a lot of it.

"Orlando, the pulse night club, Bataclan in Paris, San Bernadino, the Charleston shootings," Emore lists, "it was just one thing after another."

That is what brought people of a variety of faiths together. Emore says they put their differences aside to come together for peace.

"I think we all want peace, even if we come from different faith backgrounds," said Katherine Kawamoto, an attendee.

They say at the end of the day we're not so different, and that peace starts with tolerance and understanding.

"We all need food, shelter, love, support, safety," said Melissa Miranda Allgrim, part of Temple Osireion, "those are universal truths."

"They're just like you, it doesn't matter if they're Muslim or if they're Catholic or if they're Hebrew, if they're Pagan, it shouldn't matter," said Sherita Holloway, another attendee.

So they stood together, hands locked, because they didn't just want to talk about peace; they say it was about time to show it.

"I think it's important that people see that it can be done," Holloway said.