Eastover, SC (WLTX) -- There are still a number of roads and dams that have not been fixed since being washed out during the October 2015 flood.

One of those roads is Zeigler Road, which connects Eastover and Gadsden, where a dam breached two years ago. If you take that road, you will eventually come to a stop at a gate.

The gate is unlocked, but you cannot continue driving down the road because it has been washed out from the flood.

Tom Elliott, an Easter resident, said he thought the state road would eventually get fixed, but after waiting two years, he thought it was time to speak up.

Elliott said Zeigler Road will not be rebuilt because the property owner will not rebuild the dam.

Many residents used the road to get from Eastover to Gadsden, but now they need to take a detour, which includes a one lane dirt road.

"Just because this is a sparsely populated area - it always has been - these people deserve the same privileges that they do downtown. They need to get where they are going, instead of detouring all around the world to get going. We feel like us rural people are being neglected. We won't be satisfied until we get something done to reconnect this road," said Elliott.

Elliott has collected a petition of more than 950 signatures, asking for Zeigler Road to be rebuilt or build a bridge where the dam breached.

Peter Poore, a spokesman with the S.C. Department of Transportation said this road is maintained by DOT, and his staff, along with DHEC, are working on things to resolve the issue.

Poore said they are working on getting to a solution, but it will take time.