Lexington, SC (WLTX) - One neighborhood that was devastated is still feeling the impacts two years later after the October Floods.

Katie London who's lived here for 27 years was one those affected by the flood in the Pine Glen Subdivision. Water came up above her flowerbed in front of her home and flooded it.

Belongings were piled on front lawns, yards were covered in water, and some families were left without a home.

"That's what we had to build back from. All the walls being cut. Floors being thrown out. Furniture being thrown out," explained London.

After the flood, home owners in the Pine Glen Subdivision had to make the tough decision whether to rebuild their home or have it demolished.

"Our lives were turned upside down to deal with issues we didn't predict. A lot of us didn't know what to do or how to do it," said London.

At one point, London lived in an RV trailer in her front yard while she waited for her home to be rebuilt.

London says the neighborhood went through a lot but the community and the government helped them move forward.

"Looking back, everything didn't work exactly as it probably should have but the system worked," said London.

That system was her and the community coming together to talk to leaders in their town and district to help get the neighborhood back on their feet.

Now she's just thankful to live back in her home.

"We thank God for helping us through it and for all the folks who did come. We're very thankful and two years later, we're still smiling and have a lot of hope," explained London.

London says she is praying for those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico because she knows the devastation storms bring after flood came to the Midlands in 2015.