Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The Columbia Police Department is doing their part to make sure the homeless are prepared for the frigid cold temperatures.

David Dowey with the Columbia Police Department is a thirty-year veteran on the police force.

"I've always been a people person. I like talking to people. I like helping people. Everybody needs a helping hand every once in awhile," said Dowey.

Dowey is on patrol at one of his normal spots, Finlay Park and now he's checking on one of his friends Orenthal Chestnut who lives there.

The cold weather is hitting Columbia is hard and Chestnut says dealing with the bone-chilling weather can be real brutal.

"We're having some interesting weather right now. I'll say that much. I'm not really wanting to stay out here. It's sometimes something I will have to do or have to endure to do," said Chestnut.

The Columbia Police Department and Heroes in Blue teamed up to help warm the homeless in Columbia.

Dowey and other officers brought hats, scarfs, and gloves to give to those in need.

Sergeant David Howe with Columbia Police says it’s important to help.

“It’s an important thing because you have to stay warm in this weather. If you’re not, you’re more susceptible to colds and illnesses and colds,” said Howe.

It warms Chestnut's heart to know that people care.

"Somebody is there to look out for you. You may not see them every day, you may not get to talk to them every day but somebody is trying to look out for you. Somebody is trying to go forth and make sure that you're safe," explained Chestnut.

Dowey says he's glad that law enforcement is in a position to help someone and lend them a helping hand.

"We care about them. We're not here just to write a ticket or put somebody in jail. We're here to help whether it's cold weather or a ride to the hospital or food or whatever," explained Dowey.

This is the first time the Heroes in Blue and the Columbia Police Department have teamed up to help warm the homeless. They look to expand on the project in the future.