Some homeowners in Shandon and the Five Points area are experiencing thousands of dollars of damage because of flooding.

Gretchen Lambert is one of those people.

"Fifty year floods seem to be happening two or three times a year for us. There are two ways it damages the property. One is obviously the water rising and the other is when cars drive through the intersection," said Lambert.

Although there are barricades placed in the road, some still try to drive through the road which pushes the water under the houses of people who live around it.

With water flooding the bottom of the houses and drains not really working, it's hurting a lot of people who live here.

"I don't have flood insurance. I'm not on a waterway. I have to pay out-of-pocket every time I have to replace a mechanical unit. That's thousands and thousands of dollars," said Lambert.

Lambert, along with other homeowners in the area, have talked with the City of Columbia to make them aware of the recurring problem. City Councilman Howard Duvall says change is on the way.

"We need to prepare the citizens of Columbia for three to five year's worth of construction that will hopefully take care of all the storm issues," said Duvall.

The city has invested in solving the issue before, but the new drains haven't made much of a difference. Duvall says they are working on a $93 million bond to take care of all the drainage issues across the city.

"We hope to be able to take care of that by delaying the time it takes the water gets to Five Points and decreasing the time it takes to depart from Five Points and other areas elsewhere around the city, too," said Duvall.

Lambert says she's looking forward to solving the problem.

"This is something that we deal with a lot, and we think it's important for citizens to have that voice to be able to talk to the city. We all hope that there can be a solution, but I think what is most important is to have the conversation," said Lambert.

Homeowners and City of Columbia leaders plan on meeting in the near future to discuss plans and concerns around fixing the issue.