Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Tropical Storm Irma is in our rearview mirror, but the clean-up process continues. That may include making a phone call to your insurance company.

The high winds on Monday from Irma caused tree limbs to fall across the Midlands, and some of those limbs may have fallen on your car or your home.

You may be stressing out with the thought of filing a claim with your insurance company, but Russ Dubisky with the South Carolina Insurance Association provides 5 steps to get you started.

  1. Locate policy number and start the claims process
  2. Take photos of the damage and make notes
  3. Make temporary repairs
  4. Get estimates
  5. Take caution when selecting a storm repair contractor

Another question homeowners may have is, "What if it was my neighbor's tree that fell on my house or my car?"

"We get questions like that all the time. 'It was my neighbor's tree. Why am I responsible for it?' Well, the bottom line is, in the vast majority of cases, trees that are falling are in the acts of God. No one is personally responsible for which way it fell or who's property it damaged," said Dubisky.