Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Confederate symbols have hit the main stage and a meeting was held Thursday to discuss the future of the most historic symbol of the Confederacy, the Confederate Flag.

Members of the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum Commission met to discuss changes to a proposal of the display for the flag that used to fly on the State House grounds for so many years.

The commission originally requested the government to pay for an over $5 million project to display the flag and update other parts of the museum.

The General Assembly didn't take too kindly to the request and most recently the group proposed a $3.6 million plan.

After another failed proposal, the commission is winding back and plans on presenting a much cheaper option. Executive Director Allen Roberson says that there is no solid plan on the table yet but he thinks that the project could range from two to three hundred thousand dollars.

If their proposal is striked down again, Roberson says they will find a way to get the flag up in the museum, even if it's just in a cabinet display.

"If this plan is not accepted, we would put it out. Probably not on a wall. We really don't have the wall space. It doesn't fit in with the military history of the gallery whish is what our concern is. This would sort of have to be in a separate setting and display," explained Roberson.

Roberson says it's taking awhile to get all of this settled but says it's for a purpose.

"We're sorry it's taken so long. There's a lot of good reason why it's taken this long and we want everyone on board. We want a consensus but we are moving ahead very fast now," said Roberson.

We also asked Roberson about the possibility of having potentially removed statues from the State House move to the Confederate Relic Room.

"Monuments are something we aren't concerned with. We're museum professionals. We hate the events that happened in Charlottesville as much as anyone. I hate to see Americans fighting Americans but we're not going to be part of that," explained Roberson. "If the recent events affect us at all, and I'm not sure how much they do yet, it's for us to get right. I mean that's the key to get this right, to realize this can't be done, this exhibit with the last battle flag that flew on the capital grounds on government property, can't be done in a vacuum."

As far as getting a new proposal together for the Confederate Flag Display, the commission hopes to have one ready to present by the end of Fall.