Batesburg-Leesville, SC (WLTX) -- The 31st Annual Poultry Festival was held in Batesburg-Leesville on Saturday.

Many come to the poultry festival for different reasons. Some come for the food, other for the family fun, and a few who just want to get outside of the house for a little bit.

"I've been to the festival every year since it began except for college graduation and the birth of one of my children," said Brandee Quarles, who has been attending the festival for over 30 years..

That couldn't be more true for Landis and Lan Price, the father-son duo that is part of the group who brings this all together.

"Farming is a very important aspect of our community and this festival helps promote not only our community but to give a little homage to our poultry producers and growers and businesses in our area as well," said Lan Price.

To some people, it's more like a homecoming.

"You get to see your friends that you don't get to see a lot," said Quarles. "You get to hang out with your family. It's just community. This is home."

"The chicken is the best thing to celebrate," said Lan Price.