Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Utility crews are working to restore power to hard hit areas around the state. However, as a result of outages during the storm, food has been effected.

"That's all food in that bag right there,” says James Cross, a Columbia resident who has been out of power for the past three days because of hurricane Matthew’s impact. "It went out Friday morning around 4 am.”

Cross’ power was eventually restored on Monday afternoon, but the damage was already done.

"We lost about three quarters of the food that was in the refrigerator and the freezer,” says Cross. “Ice cream and stuff like that. Some of the meats thawed out so we just threw them in the trash can. So that trash can is about halfway full of food."

His story is similar to that of other families who lost power and food during the storm, but there are resources available to those in need.

Harvest Hope Food Bank in Columbia is continuing to stock up on goods for those impacted by hurricane Matthew.

For those without power and concerned about food spoiling, marketing manager Jamie Peebles says food safety is top priority.

“You don't want to be without electricity and getting a food borne illness,” says Peebles. “So when in doubt throw it out is the best tag line to go with."

Volunteers with Harvest Hope have been working to get food out to the Low Country and hard hit areas. They are also looking for more donations.

"One of the big needs is shelf stable meats,” says Peebles. “So Spam, Vienna sausages, canned chicken, and things like that. Breakfast pastries are always nice too and pop top soups."

While losing his food was a big inconvenience, Cross says he's blessed enough to not have to use harvest hope's services.

"A lot of people are way worse off than I am and I don't want to take from them. I'll just put a little on the credit card."

The Harvest Hope Food Bank is always accepting donations.

For more information on how you can help click the link here.