Richland County, SC (WLTX) - A Richland County man is being called a hero by Sheriff Leon Lott. Chris Mayers is one of two men who noticed and removed debit and credit card skimmers off of ATMs over the past weekend.

"The little bit of money that I do have, I'm glad that I didn't put my card in their first. It was three cars in front of me, but since I took the skimmer off they'll be alright," Mayers said.

Sheriff Lott said a Romanian gang is responsible for trying to steal customers money.

According to the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs there are some tips to try and prevent yourself from becoming a victim:

Ask if your bank, gas station or store inspects their machines.

Use the same gas station or ATM.

If at a gas station, use the same pump and the one closest to convenient store.

Check and see if anything looks suspicious.

Jiggle the card reader.

Use your credit card or cash instead of your debit card.

And report any issues as soon as possible.

One customer we spoke with said he may begin using paper instead of plastic.

"Cash is kind of getting it out of the way, but I think we might have to go back to that. I may have to go hide my money in the yard," George Brown said.

If you have any information you're asked to call 911 immediately.