Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- According to experts, a majority of mass shootings happen because people are angry and feel a sense of powerlessness.

South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford said there is heavy soul-searching going on after the mass shooting on Wednesday. In an interview, Congressman Sanford talked about a town hall he attended a few months ago in South Carolina. He said the way people were talking down to one another was like "out of a movie" and he believes we need to find a way to dial it back.

"For generations, people have been angry. There has been anger, there has been violence. We are quick to point fingers," said Jennifer Wolff, a crisis response counselor.

Some people resort to weapons and violence to release their anger.

"I think we have reached a boiling point in our global environment," said J.T. McLawhorn, President of Columbia Urban League.

One group in Columbia is taking small steps to decrease the violence in the world by promoting respect.

"We have too divisive rhetoric in our society and we ought to take a deep breath and be more thoughtful in the way we communicate with each other," said McLawhorn.

The Columbia Urban League formed a Civility Pledge in November 2014. McLawhorn said it's a way to find common ground and communicate with others in a civil manner.

"I think it's a golden rule that most of us learn early on in life, do unto others as to what you would have them do to you," he said.

According to McLawhorn, civility is not a one-time shot. He says, for it to make a difference, it needs to happen on a daily basis.

These tragedies are happening more frequently, and McLawhorn believes everyone needs to do what they can to reduce violence in their community.