COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP, WLTX) - A judge says the prosecutor overseeing an investigation into corruption at the South Carolina State House can stay on the case.

Circuit Judge Knox McMahon ruled Friday that Solicitor David Pascoe did not appear to review any documents he was not supposed to from a March raid at political consulting and mailing firms owned by Rep. Rick Quinn Jr. and his father.

McMahon says to remove Pascoe, investigators would have had to do something to shock his conscious and they didn't. The state agents who searched the office put any documents from or to lawyers into an envelope without reading them closely.

Quinn was later charged with two counts of misconduct in office. Prosecutors say he used campaign donations for personal profit. He's been suspended.

Afterward, Quinn said this just the first step to try to clear his name.

"I've worked hard to build a reputation built on integrity and honesty," says Quinn. "All of these allegations were either actions that I had approved by the regulatory authorities who are responsible for approving those activities, or the allegations are just false. So this is just the first step in a long process to win my name back and to prove that I've been an honorable representative for my constituents."

Pascoe did not talk to reporters after the hearing.