Fairfield County, SC (WLTX) – SCANA, the parent company of South Carolina Electric & Gas, withdrew their petition to the Public Service Commissio, to abandon construction at the V.C. Summer site.

They cited that they wanted to give lawmakers more time to fully review the abandonment proposal.

The decision to withdraw the petition still raises questions about what's next for the nuclear power plant.

On Monday night SCANA CEO. Kevin Marsh attended an executive session with Fairfield County Council members.

He was heading into a side door at the county administration building when News 19 met up with him for an exclusive interview, asking what lead to the abandonment decision.

"It was really precipitated primarily by the bankruptcy of Westinghouse,” says Marsh. “We undertook a very detailed review to determine what it would cost to finish the plants based on that review. We determined it would be too expensive to finish two plants so we were looking at one plant. Santee Cooper decided they did not want to continue. That would be too expensive for our customers."

Marsh was heading into a closed door executive session and did not attend the public portion of the meeting. We asked why?

A SCANA spokesman explained that "there was nothing on the [public] agenda pertaining to SCANA."

As to why the meeting was held in a more secure location than other executive sessions, council chair Billy Smith says it was both a suggestion from the county and SCANA representatives.

"You know, there's a lot of angry folks about this,” says Smith. “Folks who lost jobs, and folks who families were affected and folks whose insurance was cut off so they can't get their children's medicine and folks who have been just devastated by this."

SCANA spokeswoman Rhonda O’Banion says the withdrawal of the petition does not mean they are reconsidering the decision to cease construction of V.C. Summer Units 2 and 3.

Instead, they are giving more time to lawmakers to fully review the decision.