Richland County, SC (WLTX) - The Richland County Recreation Commission will not share the internal investigative report into the commission and it's former executive director with Governor Nikki Haley.

On Thursday the board of commissioners who oversee the commission met for a special called meeting. Within five minutes the group adjourned.

In that time they voted to approve the information compiled by the commission's staff and to give that information to Governor Haley on October 28.

On October 19 the Governor wrote to the commission and asked for more information as she considers a request by legislators to remove several of the board members from their positions.

She specifically asked for additional documentation about how they handled harassment claims, potential nepotism, allegations of intimidation and the Executive Director James Brown III's salary.

She wrote, "Please provide a copy of the investigation of the December 9, 2015, complaint alleging sexual harassment by the Executive Director James Brown III...A report pursuant to this policy would not be subject to the attorney work client product."

Director of Human Resources for the commission, David Stringer, denied to do an on camera interview, but did tell News 19 that the commission is not going to give the report to the Governor because it is being used in litigation.

News 19 has made several attempts to obtain the report as well.

The recreation commission is responsible for managing the parks and recreation programs throughout the county. Since March, five civil lawsuits have been filed against the commission, Brown, members of the board and other employees.

Earlier this month Brown retired, one week after he was indicted by a grand jury on a misconduct in office charge and arrested on claims that he intimidated a witness. Several of the allegations of misconduct made against the commission directly involved Brown.