Columbia, SC (WLTX) - As Hurricane Matthew heads for the Palmetto state, our neighbors on the coast are heading to the midlands. Schools all across central South Carolina have been turned in to shelters.

"You see so much room in here in preparation for supporting our shelters." said Kathy Tyler, a volunteer with the Red Cross.

Tyler was standing in on of Red Cross' empty emergency response vehicles, and said soon it would be filled with water and snacks to be taken to the shelters.

"We'll be setting up shelters all over the state," said Rebecca Jordan, the executive director for the Red Cross of Central South Carolina.

Jordan says these shelters will not look like the shelters in last year's flood.


"Hurricane evacuation is more of an immediate need, different than the shelters we had during the flood where we had cots and blankets," Jordan explained.

It will be a shelter our fellow South Carolinians will not pay a penny for.

"The Red Cross services we provide are free," Tyler said, "we never charge anything for it."

"Some of the things we're doing right now is just preparing for meals, snacks, [and] water, for people that are coming in, and they're probably coming in without a lot," Jordan said.

The goal is all about providing as many people as possible a safe place to weather the storm.

"This is nothing to play with, this is a very serious storm," Tyler said.

"A lot of people were like, 'oh, it's not going to happen here,' but for those who were here during Hugo, we really had a tremendous impact," Jordan said. "It's important to be prepared."

Just like people all over the country reached out to help us after the flood a year ago, Jordan wants to lend the helping hand to the evacuees.

"Our goal is to keep people safe and save lives and make sure that we are there for them in their time of need," Jordan said.