Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- There are mixed emotions over the presidential election with many voters either upset or excited about President elect Donald Trump.

We spoke with a variety of religious leaders who all agree no matter who you voted for, it is now our job to unite.

“You have to allow yourself to process it and grieve, some people are celebrating today and that makes it even harder because people are celebrating and grieving about the same event,” Kemetic leader Holli Emore said.

“I ask and I beg people not to give in to hopelessness, but rather to be strengthened,” Rabbi Jonathan Case of Beth Shalom Synagogue explained.

“Nothing catches God off guard. He did not wake up this morning and go oh I didn't know that was going to happen, it's there. God is still God,” Pastor Brandon Goff of Radiate Church said.

"Diversity is our beauty, that is our strength," Chaudhry Sadiq of Masjid Noor-Ul-Huda said.

With mixed emotions boiling over about the presidential election, these leaders are calling for love.

“Listen, keep talking, listen, keep talking, keep our minds open,” Emore pleaded.

“No one in our society should have any doubt that all Muslim Americans,” Sadiq explained of his religion. “They are peace loving. They are law-abiding citizens. They are educated. They are well-informed and they’re hardworking. They’re as loyal as patriotic as anyone else.”

“Be attentive to a stranger, do not oppress a stranger, because you were once strangers in a foreign land and maybe that’s the greatest lesson we all can learn,” Case said. “To reach out our arms, to open up our hearts, to invite others into our homes and our hearth to be part of the great tradition that is not only the Jewish custom as quoted in the book of Exodus, but part of the American tradition as well.”

“We've got to love each other in this. We've got to come together in unity not divisiveness, and not division and we've got to come together for the goodness of this country, for the goodness of this city, of this state and we've got to work together to change this world to be the better place that we all want it to be,” Goff said.

No matter our differences on opinion or who we are, the leaders all say at the end of the day, we are all Americans and must unite.