Ward, SC (WLTX) - Residents in the Town of Ward are still trying to clear away trees that toppled over on Wednesday, after a tornado ripped through parts of Saluda County.

"I saw those two trees there blow over,” says Donald Howard, who was coming home from work when the storm hit.

"Coming down the road, the rain got harder,” says Howard. “I came to the door, pulled the screen door open like the door was locked. When the door finally opened, I looked back, I said Lois the tree is blowing over."

Three large trees fell next to his home, smashing his step son’s car and the shed in the backyard, but thankfully missing the house.

The National Weather Service (NWS) categorized the tornado as an EF2.

"I believe winds start at 111 miles per hour or higher or greater with an EF2,” says Meteorologist John Quagliarello.

His team went out to investigate the aftermath of the storm. They discovered straight line wind damage in Johnston, and tornado damage in Ward.

"Pretty much straight line winds, just picture winds moving 60,70,80, even 90 miles per hour all in one direction,” says Quagliarello. “So everything is just going to fall in the direction that the storm is going. When a tornado touches down it's going to start spinning and you have trees falling in multiple directions as that tornado cuts a path in that area."

Those affected by the storm were upset about the damage done to their properties, but were thankful that their families are still whole.

"It messed up his Chevy, but at least my mom and step dad are ok,” says Luscious Marshall. “That's the main thing."

The NWS says that the tornado touched down for 10 minutes in an eight-mile stretch.

They say it is rare to see tornadoes of this magnitude in South Carolina.