Irmo, SC (WLTX) - People in one Midlands neighborhood are fed up with water issues they say they have had for years.

"We cannot use the water out of the tap here," said Stonegate resident Kaitlan Vaughan.

Vaughan says it has really affected how she's been able to care for her five month old son.

"I'm not really able to bottle feed him because really, the bottles have to be clean and you can't hand wash them with that water and you can't put it in the dishwasher with that water," Vaughan said.

Vaughan says she also wanted to be able to use cloth diapers, but now can't because she doesn't trust the water to wash it with.

"It's so embarrassing, like I don't even want to invite people to our home," said another Stonegate resident, Sari Powell.

Powell says the water leaves brown/yellow stains on sinks, toilets, and the tub. Since she doesn't want to drink it, her family spends a lot of money on bottled water.

"We spend hundreds of dollars on bottled water a month," Powell said.

Powell says they don't even let their dogs drink it.

"We probably fill like six bottle waters in the dogs' bowl a day," Powell said.

"I'm tired of living like this, I shouldn't have to live like a hurricane's coming all the time stocking up on water and stuff just in order to survive," Vaughan said.

"Yea, we have seen those pictures and certainly it's not acceptable," said Robert Yanity with Utilities Inc., the company responsible for Stonegate's water issues.

Yanity says the problem is the neighborhood's well water system.

"What you're seeing is, the water is safe to drink but it does come out discolored because of the high concentrations of minerals," Yanity said.

Yanity says they flush the system regularly, but are now looking for a more permanent fix.

"We are right now investigating a potential interconnection with the city of Columbia's water system so it'll eliminate that problem all together," Yanity said.

"Whatever needs to be done, I want it done," Vaughan said. "I'm tired of band-aids over the situation, I'm tired of living like this."

Yanity says they are working to finalize details and get proper approvals for interconnecting with the city, with the goal of getting the neighborhood off the well water system. Right now, they do not have a time table on when that may happen.