Columbia, SC (WLTX) - This week we have some pictures of live roaches all over a kitchen area, hamburger blood dripping on banana pudding and colored build up on ice machines.

Here are the best and worst scores of the week:


  • Best China Buffet, 421 Bush River Rd. Columbia- 91-A (second follow-up scheduled for May 26)

Low Scores:

Matthews Bar-B-Q, 212 S Rudolph St. Saluda- 64-C

  • DHEC took pictures of live roaches throughout the kitchen area, raw hamburger dripping blood on a box of tomatoes and pan of banana pudding, raw sausage stored beside watermelon and first aid spray stored with their food.
  • Their follow up was on Monday but a lot of their first violations still weren’t corrected. They scored an 88-C and now their second follow up is on June 2nd.

China Garden, 200 W Church St. Saluda- 73-C

  • Check out the picture of a fly bait strip stored right over their food prep table. Look at this picture of live roaches throughout the kitchen and dining area and this one of broccoli inside a box with raw chicken.
  • Their follow up is on June 1

Flaming Grill Supreme Buffet, 115 Afton Ct. Columbia- 79-B

  • Employees were observed placing cooked chicken in container that was previously holding undercooked chicken. There was brown, black, orange and pick build up inside all 3 ice machines and there was roach activity noted in the cabinet line in sushi and dish area.
  • Follow up: May 26

Hall of Fame:

  • Fish Line, 4201 Bluff Rd. Columbia- 100%
  • Diamond Bar and Restaurant, 11325 Garners Ferry Rd. Eastover- 100%
  • AT Water's Edge, 511 Rutledge St. Camden- 100%

Golden Spatula Winner: Carolina Cafe, 2250 Sunset Blvd, West Columbia- 100%