Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Gary Schwartz brought the whole family to Columbia this weekend. They loaded up the RV and drove from Forsyth, Georgia for the solar eclipse.

"Got searching the internet and found this place through WLTX campground out here at the State Fairgrounds," Gary said. "There's six of us and a baby out here camping."

His parents Ken and Myra-Nadine have been planning the trip for weeks.

"I've done a lot of things, been a lot of places being that I'm 85 years years old, but this is going to be my first total eclipse," Ken said.

"I felt good, but I felt like maybe we could have stayed at home. it was so far to come, but I'm glad we did and I hope that the weather is going to cooperate," said Myra-Nadine.

Gary's son Zach said he's enjoying the relaxation away from work.

"Today (there) will definitely be a few brews, maybe soak up some sunlight and (we're) definitely going to throw some burgers on the grill later," Zach said.

Most of all they said they're excited for enjoying the once in a lifetime total eclipse experience together as a family.

"It seems pretty cool, so I'm looking forward to it," said Gary.

The RV lot is sold out, but you can still come to the WLTX Total Eclipse Tailgate at the State Fairgrounds. Tickets cost $5 per car and the gates open at 9 a.m.