There's an effort to bring new life to the Rocky Branch Greenway area near Olympia.

Trina Davis came to a public house meeting about a new plan for the spot and she says it's time to make some changes.

"We still have that property right down where the creek is from my husband, from his great grandmother to his grandmother to his mother and to him,” said Davis. "We love it down there. We don't go into the creek anymore because there's a lot of issues with it. I don't let my grandchildren go out there anymore."

With the area being unkempt, the low quality of water, flooding, and other objects laying around the waterway, city officials are working with the US Environmental Protection Agency to bring this creek back to life.

The plan proposes new walking and bike trails be added to help connect people from Bluff Road to Assembly Street. City planner Leigh Deforth says this public meeting is part of the discussion on what improvements can be made to help the community.

"It's kind of a nice tree-lined street where a lot of people already walk," said Deforth. "With bringing the greenway through the community, this could provide a natural area for gatherings, for more recreation, for educational opportunities. There's a wetland on the sight so talking about how wetlands work and providing that educational moment.”

While planners are working on finding partners to help pay for the project, Davis is happy knowing that her grandchildren may get to love Rocky Branch Greenway the same way she did when she was a kid.

"Once this is restored, I can take my younger ones, let them I experience what I did and what their grandfather did and dad and other family members enjoyed about being on the creek down there by Rocky Branch."

The Richland County Penny Tax would help pay for the project.