Sumter County (WLTX) - Highway 378 near 261 in Sumter County became a slip and slide Wednesday night.

Roughly a mile from the 378/261, cars couldn't move while trying to drive up a hill of ice Wednesday.

A spokesman with the Sumter County Sheriff's Department says 16 drivers ended up stranded in Sumter County because of the icy roads.

While cars zoomed into trees and ditches, officials say the majority of accidents in the county were minor.

As the sun came up Thursday, ice melted quickly on portions of 378, but as of the evening hours, it's hasn't disappeared yet.

"It all happened so quickly!" said Shayla Hayes, whose car slipped on a piece of ice off Highway 378.

"I thought oh my God,” she said. “I thought I could maintain control of the vehicle, but it kept spinning, and I thought, 'Oh no! I'm headed for those trees. Surely I'm gonna hit a tree!'"

Wednesday, Sumter County Sheriff's deputies were called to 43 accidents.

The Sumter Police Department measured a quarter inch of ice on the roads Thursday morning.

Parts of Highway 441 are still covered in ice.

As the sun sets and temperatures get colder once again, first responders are preparing for another eventful night.

"In some instances on these hills, where the roads were completely iced over, it didn't matter if you had a four-wheel drive or not, the vehicles were simply not going to travel up that hill until something was done about it,” said Trooper David Jones of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Officials say their best advice is to stay off the roads.

Jones says if you need to head out, make sure you have a tank full of gas, have your cell phone charged and pack a blanket.

That way, if you do get stuck on the side of the road, you'll at least get to sit and wait for help in a warm car.

If you're stranded, you can also call *47 for help. That's the State Highway Emergency Program.