Lexington, SC (WLTX) - Hurricane Irma has sent thousands of people running for safety. Some of them ended up at Barnyard RV Park in Lexington.

-he Barnyard RV Park has about 200 spaces for RV's but they were all packed. To help accommodate evacuees, they made makeshift spaces in their parking lot.

"They need a place to stay, and it's better to be here and have access to other people that are refugees as well than to be in a Walmart parking lot," said Kathryn Ward, an employee at the park. "And it's not so much as being safe, as that they can be protected, they have a place to go, I mean generally we just care about their well-being."

"They were saying there's no reason to leave for the storm, everything's fine," said Francis Czekalski, an evacuee from Tampa, Florida, "it's going to hit Miami, were just going to get a little rain. Then Friday morning I looked at the track and it's in the middle of the state, and I was just like, we're getting out of here. So we went to Auburn, Alabama because we have friends there, and then this morning we looked at it and the track was veering right up to Auburn, and we said we're going to get east of the track, and drove here."

Ward says Barnyard RV Park is allowing evacuees to stay in their extra spaces for free, and will take as many as they can until they don't have any more space.

Barnyard RV Park: 201 Oak Dr, Lexington, SC 29073 | 803-957-1238