Irmo, SC (WLTX) - Pool season is here, and while it's fun to splash around, safety should be on everyone's minds.

"Drowning is actually the leading cause of injury-related death in children from one to four,” says Mabry Gray, children’s safety coordinator for Palmetto Children's Hospital.

She says before kids get in the water, parents should take precautions.

"The number one thing to keep kids safe in the pool area is to make sure that they have active supervision,” Gray explains. “Make sure that they are out there with an adult, make sure you don't take your eyes off of them."

Full-body floatation devices are also key, not to be substituted with pool noodles.

On average, 390 children drown per year around the nation, with 58 percent of those drowning's occurring in a pool.

Homeowners with pools can take extra precautions as well.

"A locked pool gate is the safest,” says Life Saver Pool Fence owner Jamie Young.

Young installs pool fences, alarms and lock gates for homeowners, but it's not a requirement.

"South Carolina pool fencing laws are pretty lax,” says Young.

Residential pools in South Carolina are not subject to any statewide fencing regulations, but Young's clients are going the extra mile.

"Unprotected pools do make me very nervous,” says Young. “A child can be in the house one minute and two minutes later you can have a tragedy."

Swimming lessons, supervision and a life jacket can help save a child's life and adding a gate can give homeowners an extra layer of security.

Gray says along with adding precautions around your pool, parents should learn CPR specifically for children.

For more information on tips and safety, check out the link here.