Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Even after collecting thousands of toy donations throughout the holiday season, the Salvation Army says they still do not have enough toys to fill their need.

"We're running out of toys pretty quickly," said Major Benita Morris with the Salvation Army.

Morris says last year they had 3,100 kids. This year, they're helping more than 4,000.

"Jesus received three gifts, so we try to give the kids three gifts," Morris said. "A big gift, a medium gift and a small gift."

Morris says the tables at the Salvation Army are usually pretty full for the younger kids, but start to empty out as the kids get older.

"It's harder to buy for an older kid than a little kid," Morris said, "you get into the more expensive toys."

Morris says they still have 100 more families left to go.

"We're going to pray," Morris said. "We're going to hope for a miracle that we can get these items filled."

Morris says the Salvation Army is still accepting toy donations until Friday, December 15. They particularly need items for 7- to 12-year-old girls and boys.