Charleston, SC (WLTX) - The man who recorded the former North Charleston Police officer, Michael Slager, shoot Walter Scott in April 2015 testified in court Friday.

Feidin Santana told the jury that he was running late to work when he saw the two in a physical struggle when he began recording it on his cell phone.

"After he (Scott) got away that's something that I will never forget...He (Slager) shot the man (Scott) running from him," Santana said.

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The jury was also shown Santana's cell phone video of the incident.

"At any point did you see Walter Scott coming at officer Slager?" Scarlett Wilson asked.

"That never happened ma'am...Never, ever happens," Santana replied.

Later, the defense had an opportunity to cross-examine Santana.

Andy Savage, Slager's lead defense attorney, asked Santana if he had any bad experiences with police officers.

When he said, "No" Savage brought attention to the fact that Santana is a musician and songwriter. Savage then quoted a song Santana wrote, in which he referred to some police officers as criminals.

"So our lives are slipping away in one, two, three. The government uses us as their pawns. It's all war, trouble, police abuse and those who must defend us are the worst criminals. Who can I trust?" Savage read.

"Music is an inspiration. Whatever you write at the moment is how you feel, how you see it. I won't write or sing anything that I don't feel at the moment. I'm not against any law enforcement, any officer. I'm against police brutality. I don't tolerate injustice," Santana replied.

The jury also heard from a friend of Santana's, Tawayne Weems, who accompanied Santana when he was being interviewed by various media outlets.

The final testimony for Friday was given by the officer who first responded to the scene after the shooting, Clarence Habersham Jr.

Court adjourned at about 5 p.m. and will pick back up Monday at 9 a.m. with Habersham back on the stand.

Slager is charged with murder in the death of Scott, who he fired at, following a traffic stop on April 4, 2015. Slager maintains he acted in self-defense.

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