Columbia, SC (WLTX) - With just 20 days to go before Election Day, the South Carolina State Election Commission wants voters to know that security issues are highly unlikely.

"This election year is unlike any other,” says Chris Whitmire with the election commission. “They are all big events, but in this election security in general seems to be the topic of this election story."

Whitmire says they have taken steps to make sure that's not an issue.

"We're working with a very broad based team of law enforcement, IT security and intelligence professionals to make sure that we're taking all reasonable measures to protect our voter registration system, our voting system and the election process in general."

The issue of voter fraud was brought up by republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a recent speech, but according to Whitmire, that would be very rare with their current system.

"We have a very fragmented system,” says Whitmire. “We have 46 counties. Within those counties we have 2,200 polling places and 13,000 to 14,000 voting machines and none of those are directly connected to one another. "

Along with security measures, the election commission is working to make sure absentee voting goes smoothly.

"Absentee voting is running 15 to 20 percent ahead of where we were at this time during the 2012 election."

While South Carolina does not have an early voting process those who meet specific qualifications can vote absentee.

Click here for a complete list of qualifications for absentee voting.

Those voting absentee can by mail until November 4th, or in person until November 7th, the day before election day.