Texas (WLTX) - Two SC Friends who left Santee, SC to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas are now working with a rescue team.

James Duck and Kyle Sargent left the Palmetto State last Tuesday and have been hard at work.

"We've been making sure all of our stuff is together. We are going to be going out east towards Orange and Port Arthur," said Sargent.

Most recently, they joined a group they call "Rescue 228." They've been paired with other volunteers and first responders to help in the rescue effort. Both say that working with a team has helped rescue more people.

Since they've made the trip, Sargent and Duck have had to take showers with water bottles and are getting very little sleep. Having a team member from Texas now has helped their situation, though.

"We've been at (one of the member's) houses that are a part of our crew here. We've had hot showers, he's fed us meals, and the last two nights we've been taken care of and still been getting work done, still getting supplies, out to people, and getting people pulled out," said Sargent.

When we spoke with them last, they said have been able to help rescue hundreds of people with the Cajun Navy.

As they make their turn back towards South Carolina, they won't stop helping.

"Not sure what we'll be doing, hopefully we can help with medical attention," said Sargent.

"If not, we'll help move some supplies, bring in supplies, and go get supplies,' explained Duck.

Last week, they did find a dog that was roaming around. They're looking to find its owner but if they can't, they'll bring him back here to South Carolina.