Estill, SC (WTOC/CBS) - What Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith thought was a community outreach event turned out to be a surprise welcome back party for his first day back on the job.

Smiling from ear to ear you could see just how happy he was to be back.

"Thank you so much I don't know how to repay them and it's been a blessing having them behind me and by my side through this long process," Smith said.

Smith was shot after police say Malcom Orr tried to rob a customer at a convenience store. The video was captured on the officer's camera attached to his goggles, and went viral nationwide.

"Quincy was a member of our family and I was actually coming home from vacation when I first got that call on New Years Day," said University of South Carolina-Beaufort Assistant Chief Thomas Aiken.

USC Beaufort PD is where Smith started his career.

"We're glad to see he's doing so well." Aiken said.

"I got through it really well from the in the department and people from all across the world reaching out to me and giving me support and well wishes," Smith said. "It's been great so I got through it pretty good. It's just a long process getting through it."

Officer Smith, the son of a former NYPD officer, says protecting and serving the community is in his blood and hes glad to be back!

"I was ready to come back for almost a year now so no jitters that I can tell you right now Im just reay to get out there on the road," he said.

Estill Police Chief Mark Collins say the appreciate his dedication and hard work.

"Nobody forgot about him and we needed hum here so we just wanted to welcome him back and let him know that we missed him and we're going to start a new chapter," Collins said.