Houston, TX - (WLTX) - A woman from Columbia is stranded at a Houston hotel because of the wrath of Tropical Storm Harvey.

“It was just kind of surprise and shock,” Kathleen Agustin explained of the flooding in Houston. “It wasn’t until last night that there was some pretty heavy rain and I guess the Bayou overflowed overnight and we woke up and the streets were completely flooded.”

Agustin arrived in Texas Wednesday to visit family.

She said she never expected to be surrounded by water.

She said the images she is seeing reminds her of the flood South Carolina experienced back in 2015.

“It’s really difficult and you feel so helpless,” Agustin said. “They’ve been on the news asking for anybody with a flat bottom boat that can get out and try and help find some of these families that are stranded that can’t get out of their homes. So it’s difficult cause you know again we just feel helpless there isn’t much that we can do here because we ourselves can’t get out.”

Agustin said she is on the fifth floor of her hotel. She said the major issue is that the hotel has a limited amount of food and no one can leave.

The Columbia resident also said the airport is closed and is not expected to open until Wednesday. She said she hopes she can return back to South Carolina then.