Fairfield County, SC (WLTX) - Fairfield County Council met with SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh for the first time since the abandonment of construction at the V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant.

Marsh met with council members in an executive session during Monday night's council meeting.

While Marsh was not present during the public meeting, he did speak to News19 on the massive job loss at the nuclear facility.

I'm personally disappointed and sorry for the problems that this has caused for the employees at the plant," says Marsh. "We are working with them to help them transition to new jobs and I certainly hope they are successful."

There were several residents during the public meeting who were directly impacted by the shut down.

"It's been difficult, but with all of the support for the public and keeping this in the news," says Diana Robinson, former V.C. Summer employee.

Robinson has been attending the many job fairs around the Midlands geared to helping those who lost their jobs.

"We're getting the support that we need," says Robinson. "Regardless of what happens we just want to have a path forward."

Council says they want the same thing, a path forward. However, residents want to make sure that path taken is transparent every step of the way.

"Citizens of Fairfield county really need to know what the plans are going forward," says Shirley Green, Fairfield County resident. "We owe $24 million and we're making plan to purchase land and to upgrade systems and do other types of things. I think it's very important that they slow down."

Council members say they will work diligently on recovering from the massive job loss in the county. They are concerned with paying of a $24 million bond agreement. The county has until 2021 to make the payments, but they are looking for options moving forward. The bond was created out of the agreement to build two nuclear reactors at the V.C. Summer plant.

Now council is hiring legal help to tackle the fee in lieu tax agreement made with SCANA. The agreement would lower SCANA's taxes on the property once construction was completed.