Columbia, SC (WLTX) - On Tuesday night, the anniversary of the 1000 year flood, an emergency meeting was called for the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).

They too are preparing for Hurricane Matthew. The purpose of the meeting was to get the transportation commission together to discuss what's SCDOT is doing to work with the emergency management division.

And they did so through a conference call.

“At this point in time we're doing our prep activity just like the rest of our state and county partners are doing,” says Secretary of transportation Christy Hall. “We're looking at potentially somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.1-1.2 million people being affected by the evacuation order so because of that I think that's why we are looking at a more broader evacuation than maybe just one particular area of the state.”

Earlier in the day, Governor Nikki Haley announced that families on the coast should prepare to evacuate on Wednesday starting at 3 pm

That could mean lane reversals on major highways in the Low Country and the Midlands.

“I believe at the current time they are predicting landfall in South Carolina,” says Brian Keys, Deputy Secretary of Finance and Administration for SCDOT. “So one of the things we discussed was the potential to have lane reversals in either several parts of the state or a regional part of the state.”

“That means taking part of the roadway that generally go north and south and turning them into the direction to bring all of the people from the coast to a safe part of the state.”

For a complete look at the roads that could be affected click here to go to the SCDOT website.

Those plans are expected to be finalized on Wednesday before the evacuation takes place.

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