Columbia, SC (WLTX) – The South Carolina Department of Transportation has announced a 200-mile paving project, that will span 27 counties around the state.

The project will cost $26.5 Million and will be made up of funds from the gas tax increase and the local County Transportation Committee.

"The actual dollars will start to trickle in over the next 45-60 days,” says Transportation Secretary Christy Hall. “We've done and analysis to see how these projects are expected to pay out versus the revenues to back them when they come and we're very comfortable with the cash flow analysis on that."

Of the 200 miles of road set to be paved, 41 of those miles are in Midlands counties.

Eskie Dixon Road in Kershaw County is on the list.

"It's a really rough road and I drive it every day going to and from work,” says Brian Hancock.

His struggle with the road conditions is similar to that of drivers around the state.

"It's really bad, it beats my car to pieces.”

However, after learning of the new road project, Hancock says he’s ready to see the new and improved road.

"We're definitely excited because we wanted to upgrade our vehicles so we didn't want to because we knew the roads were going to tear them up,” says Hancock. “We're glad now that we can get some nicer vehicles and we won't have to worry about our cars getting tore up by the potholes."

“We're kind of out in the middle of nowhere,” says Hancock. “I thought we would be last on the list and the bigger ones would be first. It's kind of nice that they're coming to the small towns."
Each project has its own individual start date, but plans are in place to begin construction.

Aiken, Chester, Newberry, Saluda and York counties have roads on the list.

This road paving project is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fixing an $11 Billion problem with roads around the state.

The SCDOT plans to receive $800 Million over the next 10 years through the gas tax increase.