With high winds projected to hit the Palmetto State, SCE&G says they're not sure what that could do to their electric infrastructure.

Ginny Jones with SCE&G says they've brought in extra equipment and have 2000 SCE&G workers on hand for the storm.

Jones says they've also been continuing to cut back trees from power lines to prevent them being knocked out.

With all the uncertainty, SCEG is asking its customers to be prepared for an extended power outage up to a week or more.

"The high winds could cause greater damage to larger parts of our system which serve more people," Jones said. "So what we want you to do is mentally prepare for an extended power outage. What are the things you use power for? Some of the things might be cooking, hot water. All of those things are wonderful to have in life, and often necessities, but things that may not be there. [Think] what would you need to prepare to be safe and as comfortable as possible during that time."

Jones also says you should notify SCE&G or law enforcement immediately in the case of a downed power line.

"Trees and limbs falling into power lines are one of the largest causes of outages," Jones said. "We want people to keep safety top of mind during this storm throughout the whole time. As soon as damage starts to happen you may see downed power lines, we want you to assume all power lines are live. Stay away from them. Do not touch them, please call and report them. You can call us or you can call 911."

Jones also asks that you let them know if you experience an outage. You can also register to be able to text SCE&G and let them know your power is out - but you need to register ahead of time for that service. You can learn more about that here.