Columbia, SC (WLTX) SCE&G officials are expecting to have more than 100,000 outages because of Hurricane Matthew.

SCE&G President of Retail Operations Keller Kissam says they have been preparing and have more than 2,000 personnel ready to take calls and make repairs.

"We have crews that are already in our service territory that have arrived as far away as Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi coupled with existing crews that we have here within our service territory," Kissam said. "We feel we're in a proper position from a manpower standpoint."

He said getting to the outages is one of their major concerns especially with the heavy rainfall that's expected.

"We expect a storm surge that's going to rival Hugo. We think 10-12 feet above normal and will depend on when it comes in, from a tide surge standpoint and that too is a concern and then of course just the unbelievable rainfall that we're going to receive," the SCE&G official said. "Up to 12-15 inches down in the coastal areas that will make driving difficult, and will make it very difficult for our crews to get to affected areas, due to flooding but it's our intention that's when we'll rely on the National Guard and the Highway Patrol to be able to get into those affected areas."

Officials ask that you do not go near downed power lines and to report all outages on their website, the SCE&G mobile app or call 1-888-333-4465.