Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party says he's buying the state's election voter data and giving it to President Trump's voter fraud commission.

Chairman Drew McKissick announced his plans Thursday afternoon, hours after the South Carolina Election Commission said it could not give that data to the president's panel.

"As a South Carolina resident and voter concerned with the integrity of our election process, I will purchase the election voter data, as permissible by South Carolina State Law, and turn it over to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity for it's review. The available data from the South Carolina State Election Commission that has been requested is all public information and is made available to all South Carolina residents."

"People have and continue to fight and die for our right to vote and it's a sacred privilege. Managing elections is a critical function of self-government, and why anyone would be opposed to trying to root-out potential fraud and abuse in our election system is beyond me."

Thursday morning, the election commission said that it couldn't share the data from anyone outside the state, but could give it to a registered South Carolina voter. The South Carolina Election Commission says state law prohibits releasing even four digits of social security numbers.

President Donald Trump created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity back in May to look into possible election fraud. The commission asked for information including names, party affiliations, addresses and voting histories of all voters.

Dozens have states have said they would not provide the information, citing state laws.