Cayce, SC (WLTX) - Miss Willie Dean Anderson from Cayce passed away this past Friday but she leaves behind a legacy that will impact her family and community forever.

During her lifetime, Mrs. Anderson raided and fostered over 70 kids in the Cayce area, in addition to her own family. She was well known for her generoisty and opening her home to the public.

Andre Anderson was one of those fostered kids that she later on adopted when he was 13-years-old.

"She was a ride growing up. She was a trip and didn't take no mess from nobody. She made sure her word was the last word," said Andre. "She was the only mom I've ever known."

Miss Anderson took in not only him but his brother and sister so that the family could stay together. She wasn't only a mother to the children in her home but also for the kids around the block.

"It's like a huge family and when you have that kind of support system growing up and she's the leader of that support system, it's phenomenal.," said Andre.

Andre says one of the biggest things Miss Dean has taught him is how to love and how to raise a family.

"Her heart, her nature in giving, the way she raised us, I try to emulate that in how I raise my children and how I treat people in general," said Andre.

He also believes his mom's legacy will live in Cayce forever.

"I believe that she'll be a landmark in the city and that will continue to carry on throughout many years because you just can't replace that because of her impact on the community and in that area," said Andre.

Funeral arrangements have been made for Saturday, July 15th, at St. Peter's Church in the town of North at 1 p.m.