Columbia, SC (WLTX) More than a million people are evacuating the coastal counties and heading to a safe place.

People started filling this Red Cross shelter at White Knoll high school Wednesday afternoon.

With hotels across the state filling up—this is another option for people looking for a place to stay until hurricane Matthew passes by.

Volunteers like Jennifer Briggs giving their time and registering evacuees name by name as hurricane Matthew threatens homes closer to the coast.

“These are people who are fleeing before the storm has even hit so they still have the anticipation of what are they going back to? What’s going to be there?" said Briggs.

Pets need a place to go as well.

“We have some crates in our hallway here. We can’t block too much because of the fire marshal.”

Sammy Wullner is the Chief Operating Officer at PetsInc.

In the next 24 hours—the shelter will take in 70 displaced pets from Pawleys Island.

“they’ve got nowhere to go. They were calling Georgia… going that far, fortunately. They got in touch with us,” said Wullner.

The shelter will fill up every empty crate… making room for as many dogs and cats as they can.