Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott says a Saturday morning shooting at Club Vault on Broad River Road is connected to the shooting in Columbia's Vista over the weekend.

Sheriff Lott said in a statement that "RCSD is investigating the Club Vault shooting that is connected to the Vista shooting, which occurred due to a conflict in the music industry. This is a joint investigation."

One person was injured in the Club Vault shooting, while eight people were wounded because of the shooting outside of Empire Supper Club. Some of them were in critical condition.

Sheriff Lott says two rival groups, tied to the music industry, were involved in the shooting in the Vista. New 19 was told that the two sides "solved beef with violence".

John Bates Jr., known in the Columbia rap scene as Hun Dunn, is among the four suspects in the Vista shooting.

Sheriff Lott says tension between the groups has been building for a while, and that they solved the beef with violence.

"You don't want to see people get hurt, not over music," says Columbia rapper FatRat Da Czar.

FatRat, who is known as South Carolina's godfather of rap, says he understands that "beef" happens in hip hop, but says the rivalry should remain in the music and not be taken to the street.

"I was a younger man at one point and we were fired up and engaging in rap beefs and rap battles, but I think as we got older, the thing about the culture is you have to take responsibility for it," says FatRat. "It's my culture, I'm a part of it so we started things like love, peace, and hip hop so that we can get back to the root of the culture and that is peace, love, unity and having fun. "

Both the Vista shooting and the shooting outside of Club Vault are still under investigation.