Kershaw County, South Carolina (WLTX) -- Technology has its benefits and downfalls in our lives. But for the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office, it helped bring a little closure to a family of a missing man.

Thirty-five-year-old Adam Davis went missing from Kershaw County in late December. Last week, the Sheriff's Office received an anonymous tip in the form of a letter. In that letter was a piece of paper with GPS coordinates on it. Those coordinates led the Sheriff's Office to Lee County where Adam Davis' body was found in a shallow grave.

"That was strange," said Sheriff Jim Matthews, adding he has never received a tip in the form of coordinates. So how has technology affected law enforcement in his 44 years of service?

"Technology has helped us tremendously. It has provided us with another source of investigative leads," he said.

From the evolution of pay phones to smart phones, Sheriff Matthews said it has benefited the department's investigative process.

"Social media is always a help to us. People put the stupidest details on social media and we always check that. It provides us with leads. It provides us with a lot of information that we would spend a lot of time on, just trying to track down on our own," said Matthews.

DNA testing has also become a big part in the daily routine of the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office, and in regards to that hand-written note with GPS coordinates.

"Whoever wrote that, I think would be smart enough to know we would test it for fingerprints," said Sheriff Matthews.

While he isn't sure how much information will be gathered from the note, Sheriff Matthews said it's the start of the investigation.

"If we had not gotten those coordinates, or a hand-written ma, we would never have found him," he said.

Sheriff Matthews said technology, like drones, would have been helpful in searching for Adam Davis' body, as well as searching for missing children or those with Alzheimer's Disease.