HOUSTON – The need for basic supplies is still very prevalent for victims of Hurricane Maria.

Last Friday, KHOU 11 news got a few Puerto Ricans together at a local coffee shop just to talk. What has come from that “Cafecito” is absolutely amazing.

After the group met and shared their family’s stories, they decided to do something about the need everyone was experiencing.

They raised over 1,800 pounds of donations but didn’t have a way to get it to those in Puerto Rico desperately in need.

They asked KHOU 11 to help them ship it there and we found a shipping warehouse that was willing to get all of their donations, not only to the island but to the rural parts of Puerto Rico where some of their families live.

The American Textile Recycling Services has been shipping donations to the island in boats funded by sponsors. What started with a cup of coffee, brew into a whole movement.

The folks collecting donations knew exactly what Puerto Rico needed because their families are there.

Debra Stevenson, with ATRS said she was impressed with the level of organization from these students.

“They know exactly what we need” she said, “because they have families there.”

Not only did the initial group from the “Cafecito” donate, but they were spreading the word to other people and they were donating too.

Dr. Luis Garcia was sent to ATRS from Lorena Menendez Santiago, one of the students from our “Cafecito.”

He took pampers, batteries and supplies. He said they had been gathering donations just looking for an opportunity to ship them and this one was perfect, “because they go to rural areas where they need it most” he said.

Here’s the best part: you can join the movement too!

The American Textile Recycling Services will continue to ship donations and you can drop them off at 10739 West Little York Houston, TX 77041 Suite 100.