Just when you think you've seen it all, you look up to see former Gamecock and newly-signed Clippers player Sindarius Thornwell on 'Live PD' on A&E.

And, if twitter is any indication, we weren't the only ones to notice.

"I know you from somewhere," says Richland County deputy Danny Brown to Thornwell, leaning over his Porsche.

They shake hands and the deputy Brown continues, "Where you working at?"

Thornwell, wearing what appears to be the same shirt he was seen wearing when he signed his multimillion dollar contract with the Clippers on Wednesday, shrugs and tells the deputy Brown he doesn't have a job.

"Oh. You look familiar, man!" the deputy Brown responds.

Social media went wild in response to the encounter.

From the looks of it, Thornwell is taking it all in stride, though.