Charleston, SC (WLTX) - The prosecution's case is coming to a close in the murder trial of Michael Slager and it was a full day of testimony Tuesday, but the jury was only in the courtroom for two and a half hours of it.

Slager is the former North Charleston Police officer charged with murdering Walter Scott.

After the defense's cross examination of retired FBI agent Anthony Imel the jury adjourned for lunch, but before everyone else was able to leave the courtroom the state's final witness was questioned on his qualifications.

The state wanted to enter Bill Williams as a expert in forensic video stabilization, enhancement and recreation.

Using computer programs, timing, measurements taken from the crime scene, and audio from the scene Williams was able to create a "possible timeline" between the video in Slager's dashcam when Scott fled and the video of the shooting recorded on Santana's cell phone.

The court spent the rest of the day, without the jury present, deciding if Williams should be allowed to present his testimony.

After nearly five hours of back and forth from the defense and prosecution, Judge Newman decided that Williams will be allowed to testify.

"To the extent that there may be some disagreement over discrepancy or dispute, that goes to the weight of the evidence and not the immiscibility I'm going to admit him as an expert." Newman said.

The area of expertise Judge Newman referred to is computer technology, scene analysis and recreation, video syncing, animation and timeline.

Williams will not be allowed to give expert opinion on tasers.

The court adjourned at about 4:30 p.m. and will pick back up Wednesday at 9 a.m.