Charleston, SC (WLTX) - The trial for the former North Charleston Police officer charged with murdering an unarmed man in 2015 picked back up Wednesday morning.

Michael Slager shot and killed Walter Scott in April of 2015 after he pulled him over for a broken brake light.

Scott fled the scene and a few minutes later Slager shot Scott as he was running away.

The day was spent with the prosecution continuing to build its case against Slager.

Jurors heard testimony from SLED agents, Jamie Johnson and Robert Downey.

Johnson was first to take the stand.

Lead defense attorney, Andy Savage, said he didn't think enough was done when it came to DNA and finger print collection.

Johnson said that she was never told by Slager nor other officers that he was drive-stunned during this incident.

"In getting back to the uniform shirt, was there ever any reason to test the uniform shirt for tazer marks?" they asked.

"No," Johnson said. "We had not been told that Mr. Slager had been tased, drive stunned at any time."

Jurors also heard from Lee Marie Tormos. Tormos performed Scott's autopsy

And the day's final witness was Demetra Johnson. Johnson prepared Scott's toxicology report.

Before Garvin's testimony, the prosecution motioned that the defense should not be able to ask her opinion on whether Scott would be considered a "chronic cocaine user".

The defense was ready to show the jury multiple incidents when Scott tested positive for the drug including an instance six months before the shooting.

The toxicology report shows that Scott had cocaine in his system at the time the shooting took place.

Garvin said she was unable to offer an opinion and the prosecution's motion was granted.

The defense was unable to ask whether Scott's cocaine use caused him to run away from Slager in the first place.

Testimony will pick back up Thursday at 9 a.m.