Charleston, SC (WLTX) - The prosecution hoped to rest Monday, but it looks like they will have to present one more witness in the trial for Michael Slager.

Slager is the former North Charleston Police officer charged with the murder of Walter Scott.

Slager pulled Scott over for a broken taillight in April of 2015. Scott fled the scene and moments later, Slager fired at him as he was running away.

Scott died as a result.

The jury heard from an investigator who worked with Slager's first attorney, the lead investigator for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and an expert in forensics with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It began to look as if the prosecution would be resting it's case and presenting it's final witness, but cross examination by the defense during Angela Peterson's testimony lasted nearly 90 minutes.

Since the first day of testimony, the defense has been working to discredit the witnesses and Monday was no different.

Peterson was the lead investigator for SLED and when the issue of Slager's taser came up, lead defense attorney Andy Savage argued that it was not properly examined before it was looked at by the manufacturer.

"The taser wasn't photographed before it was sent to Taser International. Was it?" Savage asked.

"Not to my knowledge," answered Peterson.

"The taser was not examined for trace evidence before it was sent to Taser International. Was it?" he asked.

"It was not," she said.

The trial will pick back up Tuesday at 9 a.m.